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My Crypto Auto Bot


My Crypto Auto Bot is where you will:
  • Earn Bitcoins, Etherium, Monero and other cryptocurrencies on auto pilot while you sleep!
  • Trade any of the currencies your exchange handles, not just Bitcoin.
  • Integrate your trading accounts to grow your cryptowallets automatically - keep your funds safe as we never have access to them.
  • Earn 6 different ways:
    1. Earn 1-5% per day* by auto trading with your exchange.
    2. Earn Free Bitcoins by winning the monthly contests such as top social butterfly, top referrer, top bot users and more.
    3. Earn 10% of fees paid by your direct referrals.
    4. Earn 40% of fees paid by your indirect referrals - up to 11 levels deep.
    5. Earn 10% of fees paid by users of bots you create (anyone can create their own bot if they want to learn the coding language).
    6. Earn 10% of fees paid by users using your manually entered trading signals (you must apply to be a manual signal creator).
  • Full transparency! You can see all the details from trades to commissions to wallet transactions on the blockchain. We don't hide anything!
  • We even have a branding program where you can setup your own branded site to leverage our system.

You can also message us on Facebook or Email us for any questions.

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* All information and prices subject to change without notice. Past returns do not guarantee future returns. Your results will vary based on your efforts. These results are only examples of what is possible. Only 1 to 3% of partners ever make enough for a full time income.


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