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Frequently Asked Questions

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I have 3 bots connected to my exchange account and 0.3 BTC on the account. How can i split the amount of BTC so that all 3 bots would trade with the same amount (0.1 BTC) ?
That has to be done before any trades occur. Make sure that you aloccate the amount of BTC you want the bot to trade with before starting the bot.

Example: if you have 0.3 BTC and wish that each of your 3 Bots trade with 0.1 BTC:

  • Current balance in your exchange account is 0.3 BTC
  • Amount in use by other Bot Traders is 0.0 BTC
  • Available for this Bot Traders is 0.3 BTC
  • Max to manage: 0.1 BTC
Do this set up on each of the 3 bot and start then the bot.This gives you the guarantee that eac bot will only trade with max. 0.1 BTC.

In case that your bot is already running and you added a new bot, then you have to pause buying and wait until all open trades are closed by the bot or sell the open trade your self. You can change the max BTC amount to manage soonest that all the open trades are closed and set up any new added bots before starting them.

I see that in my Bittrex account one of the trades is going up and down between +4.0 and +2.5% . I have set my bot to make at least +2 % why is it not selling ?
As I see one of my trade is now at over 4% , my set up is selling at min. 2% . I guess the bot is not selling yet, as it could go higher, correct ?
My trade was over 4% went down to 3% ..still not sold. is that normal ? Should the trade not have been sold after the value was going down as my stop lost is set at 0.2% ?
What is the recommended % for Minimum percent profit before sell ordered ?
What is the LOCK HOLD feature for ?
When I set up a new Bot Trader, then there are some coins already chosen. Is it better to keep that set up or choose my own coins ??
I have changed my minimum profit from 2 % down to 1.7%. Will this change automatically be added to all trades (including the open trades) or just for the new trades that will be ordered by the bot ?
What does the *x (x=number i.e. *2) represent in the on buy date & sell date fields on the trade screen?
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